Understanding Method Masking

Mrujs has a special technique it uses for all links to use data-method="<method>" using native fetch without having to return a 303 header from your server.

To do so, mrujs will fill any request that is not a GET or POST request and “mask” it under a POST request.


<a href="/" data-method="delete">Delete Request!</a>

this doesnt actually send a fetch request with a delete verb. Instead, its roughly equivalent to the following:

fetch("/", { method: "POST", body: { "_method": "delete" }})

This is how Rails handle non-POST / non-GET requests on forms! This method masking can be turned off, but make sure your server sends back a 303 Header on all redirects otherwise, all requests in the redirect chain will be delete requests.

Further reading on why this is needed can be found here:


To turn off method masking, you can do the following when you start mrujs:

import mrujs from "mrujs"
  maskLinkMethods: false