The Fetch API


Fetch has the same API as the official fetch javascript function. The difference between mrujs’ fetch and a normal window.fetch is that mrujs will prefill the X-CSRF-TOKEN header (authenticity token), add an AbortController for cancelling fetch requests, and provide a few other conveniences for you including merging headers.

mrujs.fetch accepts the exact same interface as window.fetch so there is no new syntax to learn.

mrujs.fetch should not be used with cross domain fetches. Cross-domain fetches should be called via window.fetch with proper options attached to it.


To receive a json response, make sure to set the Accept header to "application/json" like so:

  {headers: {"Accept": "application/json"}}
).then(response => {}).catch(error => {})

To send a json payload, make sure to set the Content-Type header to "application/json" like so:

    headers: {"Content-Type": "application/json"},
    body: JSON.stringify(data)
).then(response => {}).catch(error => {})